The VLX Bracket Is Here – Photo Assistants Rejoice!

Somewhere, there’s a photo assistant cursing their photographer for making them deal with using the Vagabond Mini Lithium or Vagabond Lithium Extreme battery pack.  It’s not the battery pack (they’re awesome)…it’s the mounting clamp that comes with it.  It just…sucks.  The battery pack is either falling off the light stand when they try and use the supplied clamp, slamming into the light stand every time they move it (having resorted to hanging it by the strap on a knob of the light stand), or they’ve had to fashion some make shift mount in order to get the battery pack to stay put which is turning out to be more of a hassle than a help!  Well, dear photo assistants…REJOICE!  Joe Jack of Joe Jack Photography has just developed the second mounting bracket for the Vagabond battery packs that is sure to make you smile…it’s called, the VLX Bracket!

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