Make Shift Just Won’t Do | The VML Bracket

The problem with the Vagabond Mini Lithium is that there isn’t an adequate way to securely and safely attach the it to a light stand.  If you’ve spent any length of time at all looking for a solution like I have, then you have no doubt run across a multitude of home grown and make shift remedies.  Some of these are quite good in terms of functionality, but can fall short due to the limitations of the VML itself.  While others offer little in the way of aesthetics and versatility, but seem to work well for those photographers who don’t seem to care much about how the solution actually looks just as long as their VML isn’t going to fall off the light stand.  ”Different strokes for different folks”, as the saying goes.

One of the most widely used make-shift mounting solutions is to use a super or nano clamp screwed into the back of the VML’s threaded insert.  While this may look like a great solution, because of the amount of strain that it places on the threaded insert of the VML it’s only a matter of time before the plastic casing around the threaded insert breaks away rendering the insert useless and leaving a gaping hole in the back of the VML.  Certainly not an ideal solution.

Another popular solution is to create some sort of crude metal back plate for the VML, apply a generous amount of industrial strength double sided tape to the back of the VML, stick the VML and the back plate together, and then fashion some kind of strap or bungee cord around the whole thing to attach it to a light stand.  Now, there are a few things that this method has going for it.  For one, the possibility that the VML will come loose from the metal bracket is very small (there’s a reason why they give certain things the title of ‘industrial strength’).  Secondly, there is no possible way that the threaded insert in the back of the VML can become damaged since it’s not used at all.  On the downside, this isn’t the best method to use if you ever need to get the metal back plate off of the VML for any reason.  And we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that this particular mounting solution isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing either.  But again, some photographers don’t care how the solution looks just as long as it works.

There are dozens of other make shift solutions for mounting the VML to a light stand.  But after spending a great deal of time examining all of the possible combinations, it became fairly obvious to me that there wasn’t a clear winner that stood out among the rest.  For me, and many of the professional photographers that I know and have worked with over the years, I wanted a mounting solution for the VML that was functional, reliable, secure, and that looked good too (no more comments about “that thing” strapped to my light stand).  And since there wasn’t anything available that met my requirements, I took it upon myself to begin the process of designing something on my own…The VML Bracket. In the 1990s, car theft in the United States had reached an all-time high

Since it’s development and introduction to the photography industry in late 2011, the VML Bracket has redefined the way photographers use the Vagabond Mini Lithium battery pack.  Currently being used by thousands of photographers in 16 different countries around the world, there simply isn’t another mounting solution on the market that offers the same kind of fit, function, and reliability that the VML Bracket provides to those photographers who use the Vagabond Mini Lithium battery pack.