Made In The USA | The VML Bracket

As a proud American, and a veteran of the United States Armed Forces, I recognize and appreciate what this great Country means to me and the opportunities it has provided.  Because of this, it was important to me that the VML Bracket was manufactured in the United States and would wear the “Made in the USA” brand.

Truth be told, it wasn’t easy finding a US based manufacturer that would work with me on the production of the VML Bracket.  In fact, it took me several weeks and many long hours trying to find one that would.  Most manufacturers here in the US set ridiculously high minimum quantity requirements, or they charge an incredibly high per piece cost, presumably to deter smaller production runs.  I quickly learned why so many companies have their products manufactured overseas, and why the words “made in China” are stamped on more than half of everything we own!

There are several reasons why most companies have their products made overseas, but the main reason is that the cost of production is so much cheaper in places like China and Taiwan.  Having a lower cost of production means that companies can increase their bottom line right off the bat, and therefore afford to keep their prices lower than their competitors.  While this makes good business sense on some level, it does nothing to improve the current state of the US economy of which we so desperately need to improve by working together to keep jobs here in the US.

It’s very easy for small companies (such as mine) to give in to the excuse that the production and manufacture of the products they sell isn’t significant enough to hinder the US economy in any way by having them produced overseas.  While that might make one feel better, it simply isn’t true.  By making the decision to have my VML Bracket’s manufactured in the US (and in turn sacrificing a considerable percentage of my profit margin), I helped to employ eight people who work in the Colorado metal fabrication shop where I have the VML Brackets made.  Does the profit made by the production of the VML Bracket at that metal fabrication shop pay for all eight salaries of those workers?  No.  But it’s at least something, and I feel better knowing that I’m doing my part as a small business owner to stimulate the economy and help create (or sustain) job growth.  Because, at the end of the day, we (as the citizens of these United States) are the ones who determine which direction this Country is headed in by the choices that we make.

The amount of time and energy that went into finding a company based in the United States to produce the VML Bracket was, to me, well worth it.  And while as a business I have significantly reduced my profit margin by deciding to keep production in the US, there’s a strong sense of pride and accomplishment that comes along with that decision that means more to me than the few extra dollars I would make by outsourcing the production of the VML Bracket to another country.