The Cost Of Quality | The VML Bracket

A few times a week I’m presented with a question concerning the cost of the VML Bracket, and why it’s “so expensive” compared to other possible mounting solutions for the Vagabond Mini Lithium.  While I don’t necessarily feel the need to justify the cost of the VML Bracket, I do think that a further explanation of why it’s priced where it is might help those who are looking at the VML Bracket as the perfect mounting solution for the Vagabond Mini Lithium (which it is) but are concerned with the cost.

As I’ve mentioned before in several forums when the issue of price comes up, the cost of production for the VML Bracket isn’t cheap.  Since I decided to have it made in the USA, that (unfortunately) means that it costs more to produce.  And while I could have had it made overseas for a little less, it wouldn’t be the same bracket.  There’s a reason why there are so many “knock off” copies of original designs…they’re cheaper to produce.  But nine times out of ten, with lower production costs comes one major difference between the the real McCoy and the fake…quality.

The quality of the VML Bracket is second to none and something that you simply won’t find in any other mounting solution for the Vagabond Mini Lithium.  This isn’t a piece of scrap steel that I had some guy hammer out in his garage over a weekend.  The VML Bracket is a professionally designed and fabricated solution for mounting the Vagabond Mini Lithium.  It’s made of the highest quality materials, cut to precision using state of the art laser cutting technology, formed on a multi-million dollar machine press, and powder coated to a durable finish that will withstand years of use.  You won’t find that kind of quality in any other mounting solution.  Period.

In addition to quality, one should also consider the other (and more important) benefits of using the VML Bracket when weighing the cost compared to the other various mounting options available.  Simplicity, functionality, less wear and tear on the Vagabond Mini Lithium itself, security, aesthetics, and peace of mind are just some of the benefits of using the VML Bracket.  Once you have your Vagabond Mini Lithium mounted to the VML Bracket and attached to a light stand using a super clamp, you can rest assured knowing that your Vagabond Mini Lithium isn’t going anywhere so you can focus on your shoot and not worry about your gear.  For everyone who has used a VML Bracket, that reason alone is worth the price and why I designed it in the first place.

At $44.95, the VML Bracket is an exceptional value when you take into account all of the above (top quality product, made in the USA, simple and functional design, aesthetically pleasing, secure, stable, keeps your Vagabond Mini Lithium out of harms way during your shoot, and the list goes on and on).  And when you also factor in the cost of what it would take in both time and money to create your own make shift mount, the expense and hassle of having to ship your battery pack to PCB when it inevitably falls from your light stand because it wasn’t secured properly, and the guilt of knowing that you could have saved yourself a lot of money and heartache by just getting a VML Bracket in the first place…the $44.95 price tag doesn’t seem too outrageous.