The VLX Bracket Is Here – Photo Assistants Rejoice!

Somewhere, there’s a photo assistant cursing their photographer for making them deal with using the Vagabond Mini Lithium or Vagabond Lithium Extreme battery pack.  It’s not the battery pack (they’re awesome)…it’s the mounting clamp that comes with it.  It just…sucks.  The battery pack is either falling off the light stand when they try and use the supplied clamp, slamming into the light stand every time they move it (having resorted to hanging it by the strap on a knob of the light stand), or they’ve had to fashion some make shift mount in order to get the battery pack to stay put which is turning out to be more of a hassle than a help!  Well, dear photo assistants…REJOICE!  Joe Jack of Joe Jack Photography has just developed the second mounting bracket for the Vagabond battery packs that is sure to make you smile…it’s called, the VLX Bracket!

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How To Choose A Senior Portrait Photographer | Joe Jack Photography | Longmont, CO

You’re only a high school senior once, so getting your senior portraits taken is an important milestone in your life.  Other than your newborn and kindergarten pictures, your high school senior portraits are most likely going to adorn one of the walls in your parents home for years to come.  So, how do you go about choosing a photographer for your senior portraits that can not only take pictures of you that truly bring out your best but is also someone that is fun to work with?

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A Bracket For The New Vagabond Lithium Extreme? | The VML Bracket

Since the announcement by Paul C. Buff about their new Vagabond Lithium Extreme battery pack, I have received numerous emails asking whether or not I will be designing and bringing to market a mounting system for the new VLE (Vagabond Lithium Extreme).  While the mounting system that comes with the VLE is a step up from their previous plastic clamp on the VML (Vagabond Mini Lithium), it is still mediocre at best and certainly won’t last long with the kind of demand most photographers expect from their gear.

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New Website Coming Soon!

After several years of the same website, I’ve decided to change things up a bit and design a new website that can offer my clients a more user friendly experience, showcase my work in a more organized fashion, provide a better platform for blogging, and incorporate my other photography business (The VML Bracket) so everything is in one place.  As always, designing and building a website is quite challenging and time consuming.  My hope is to have the website up and running in the coming weeks in preparation for the upcoming senior portrait season.  I’ll be posting more news and announce the “grand opening” of the new site on my Facebook Page soon.  So, stay tuned!

The Cost Of Quality | The VML Bracket

A few times a week I’m presented with a question concerning the cost of the VML Bracket, and why it’s “so expensive” compared to other possible mounting solutions for the Vagabond Mini Lithium.  While I don’t necessarily feel the need to justify the cost of the VML Bracket, I do think that a further explanation of why it’s priced where it is might help those who are looking at the VML Bracket as the perfect mounting solution for the Vagabond Mini Lithium (which it is) but are concerned with the cost.

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Made In The USA | The VML Bracket

As a proud American, and a veteran of the United States Armed Forces, I recognize and appreciate what this great Country means to me and the opportunities it has provided.  Because of this, it was important to me that the VML Bracket was manufactured in the United States and would wear the “Made in the USA” brand.

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Make Shift Just Won’t Do | The VML Bracket

The problem with the Vagabond Mini Lithium is that there isn’t an adequate way to securely and safely attach the it to a light stand.  If you’ve spent any length of time at all looking for a solution like I have, then you have no doubt run across a multitude of home grown and make shift remedies.  Some of these are quite good in terms of functionality, but can fall short due to the limitations of the VML itself.  While others offer little in the way of aesthetics and versatility, but seem to work well for those photographers who don’t seem to care much about how the solution actually looks just as long as their VML isn’t going to fall off the light stand.  ”Different strokes for different folks”, as the saying goes.

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